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While the COVID-19 Pandemic and the responses that we need to make are likely to continue to cause significant disruption over the next few months, there is no need to worry about your pets.

At this stage there is no evidence that pets can play a role in the spread of this human disease, and it is extremely rare that they will become sick with COVID-19.

While Australia has so far successfully "Flattened the Curve" and seems to have avoided overwhelming the medical system, the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to cause challenges. We continue to have a responsibility to reduce the risk of infection to our staff, their families and our other clients. This means that we will be making some small adjustments to how we run. We also are continually dealing with rostering challenges due to the number of staff unable to work directly or indirectly due to covid..

Click here for more details on changes we are making due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of keeping everyone safe and working to ensure continuity of the care of your pets we may have to adjust our opening times from time to time due to rostering challenges.


As of Monday 27th August 2018 our Black Forest Veterinary Surgery will be operating from our new premises at 321 Young Street Wayville. Click here for more information.

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Lincoln Institute Employer of Choice 2018, 2019 ,2020

Lincoln Institute - Australia's Best Led Practice 2019

Lincoln Institute - Best Team Leader 2019

Pets and their People is a team founded by Alan Dalgarno, Veronica Wah Day and Peter Hangartner. Since 1998 we have been progressively caring for your pets at the Unley, Fulham Gardens and Black Forest / Wayville Veterinary Surgeries.

In 2013 Pets and their People was created ...we recognise you and your pet share a unique bond.

As pet owners the bond we share with our pets has the potential to greatly enhance our lives, bringing joy and companionship into our lives, creating strong social and community networks, enhancing physical and mental health and well being. Many of us would never be without our pets...

We see our role as providing opportunities to maintain and optimise your relationship with your pet. Starting with offering the highest standards of veterinary care and striving to be great communicators then tailoring the care that we provide to suit your individual needs.

Together with our great team, our mission is to continue to care for you and your pets to enhance your lives together.

We have three Adelaide vet surgery locations: Fulham Gardens Vet Surgery in Adelaide's western suburbs, Unley Vet and Wayville Vet Surgeries in Adelaide's inner eastern and southern suburbs.

Facilities and equipment are merely part of the foundation of what we do… continuing education and continually analysing what and why we do things combined with the resources provided by a diverse group of professionals sharing a common set of values help us move steadily towards our vision.



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We service many suburbs of Adelaide metropolitan area in South Australia (SA).

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